Why Rush Sigma Phi Delta?

Sigma Phi Delta is the only all-engineering fraternity on campus. This means that every brother in the house knows the serious demands placed on engineering students here at Illinois. Course work and grades always take precedent over other events that might be going on. Often one of the best parts of being a member of Sigma Phi Delta is getting help on homework, advice on the best courses to take, and the best professors to take courses under. This means that Sigma Phi Delta can make the engineering curriculum less daunting for the incoming student. For instance, many brothers take classes together, easing the strain of an otherwise challenging course load. There is at least one brother in Sigma Phi Delta in almost every major in engineering, so there is always someone to help you out with your courses.

Sigma Phi Delta also houses the largest engineering file system on campus. The file system includes a vast selection of study materials for almost every course offered by the college of engineering. The file system also has information for other non-engineering courses, like general education requirements and popular electives. Some of these files are digitized and made available over the internal network of the house.

One main advantage of becoming a member of Sigma Phi Delta is being able to take part in a full social calendar. Sigma Phi Delta annually has Street Dance, an outdoor concert with live bands playing at the house. Throughout the school year, Sigma Phi Delta will host multiple afterhours, a barndance, and activities and exchanges with sororities such as Alpha Omega Epsilon, Phi Mu, and Sigma Kappa. Sigma Phi Delta also competes in the float competition during the homecoming parade each year. Drawing on our large pool of bright engineers, Sigma Phi Delta always has top place finishing floats and has won many first place trophies over the last 10-15 years. Sigma Phi Delta also participates in intramural sports, such as Basketball, Football, Softball, and Broomball.

The Sigma Phi Delta house, located at 302 E. Gregory Drive in Champaign (across from the 6 Pack Dorms), is where many of the men of Sigma Phi Delta call home. The house includes a 10/100 LAN with DSL internet service. Every room has at least two Ethernet ports built-in. In addition, the house has a dual band 802.11b/g/n/ac wireless network allowing access all over the house. The house also has a file room with 24 hour quiet hours, recreation rooms housing a foosball table, 65 inch widescreen television, and game systems such as XBox 360 and Nintendo Wii. The bedrooms in Sigma Phi Delta range from singles to triples, all offering a large amount of floor and closet space. These bedrooms offer more space per person than the dorms, for an even lower price!

The most important aspect of Sigma Phi Delta; however, is its close-knit, diverse brotherhood. The men of Sigma Phi Delta come from all corners of the country, as well as different areas of the world. Being a member of Sigma Phi Delta not only gives you people to study and hang out with, but gives you friendships that last a lifetime. Being a member of Sigma Phi Delta not only alters a man's college experience, but also positively affects the rest of their life.

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