Events at Sigma Phi Delta

Social Events

Among a variety of different social events over the semester, our signature social event every semester is our big blacklight party. After spending hours prepping the house - putting up black paper, swapping fluorescent lights for blacklights, and spray painting the paper in neon designs - we bring in a DJ, turn up the music, and start the party! Often the party is aligned with holidays like Halloween, which only makes the party more enjoyable for those who attend. Another semesterly event is our house's Room Party where the actives open up their rooms in the house to host a variety of close friends and significant others for a close-knit party. The house enjoys a busy schedule throughout the semester with bar crawls, sorority pregames and exchanges, and brotherhood events. One example of a brotherhood event is our Christmas Party taking place in December and bringing the brothers close together for one last event of the semester before leaving for the holidays.

Philanthropy Events

Each semester, we co-host a pancake dinner with Alpha Omega Epsilon, our sister sorority. Our philanthropy chairs make pancakes from scratch for everyone to enjoy. We have consistently raised about $2000 per semester, which is donated towards organizations such as the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and American Red Cross. Throughout the semester the brothers of Sigma Phi Delta volunteer for FIRST Robotics, local math competitions, and Habitat for Humanity builds. In the past, our brothers have also participated in ΚΔ’s Shamrock Week 5K, ΑΕΦ’s human foosball tournament, ΔΖ’s Paint Wars, and other sorority philanthropy events. We are continuously expanding our reach in the community and look to further grow our impact on both local and national philanthropic organizations.

Alumni Events

Over the course of the academic year, there are two main events that bring alumni back to the castle to reminisce on their past days in college. In the fall, like most of campus, alumni come back to celebrate homecoming. We have a big tailgate, attend the game, and even have our own football game of undergrads against the alumni. The weekend is full of Illini spirit and shared memories of college, both good and bad. In the spring, alumni come back to the castle for our Alumni Work Weekend (AWW) to work alongside the active chapter to perform renovations on the house. The weekend is kicked off with a meet and greet at Brother's Bar and Grill. Saturday and Sunday are spent working on the renovations scheduled for the weekend as well as several meals. On top of these two weekends, the active chapter can generally expect a couple alumni to stop by each weekend to hang out, go to a game, or stop by to see how campus and the house are doing.